Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some of the Great games we've been playing

2012 has really been a great year for JIGG Tokyo, and we're only half way through the year.  We've been making a lot of great friends, and played some amazing games.  Here are some of the great games that we've played recently.  (To find out more about these games to go Board Game Geek.

Busstop: The board Game by Pigphone

Carnival (a kickstarter game) by Dice Hate me Games

Tichu by Rio Grande

BattleCON (another kickstarter game) by Level99 Games

Last Will

Alhambra by Queen Games

Lost Cities by Kosmos
Catan 3D!
Pizza Theory by Gryphon Games

 And below we have an amazing amount of games brought to us by the wonderful people in our Guild :) 
Enjoy the eye candy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

2012, Tokyo Game Market - ゲームマーケット2012春

Tokyo Game Market on May 13th

What an amazing day it was at the Tokyo Game Market.  
There were so many people, games and fun things to do and buy. 

Look at all the people on Level 4.  
There were soo many fun games being played at the tables. 

This was our JIGG Stall.  

Me and Yoko san posing for the camera.

I hope you all had a wonderful day. 
Please come and visit us and play some fun board games with us.
Check out our Events イベント page for more information about our next Game days.

Monday, April 9, 2012

JIGG Tokyo T-shirts are here!!!

Step right up folks!!
Step right up!!
Come get your JIGG T-shirts!

In preparation for the exciting Tokyo Game Market event, we will be printing some JIGG Tokyo T-shirts for all of our devoted JIGG members! You will be able to get the JIGG Tokyo logo printed or embroidered on a T-shirt or Polo shirt (Hoodies ands Parkas are also possible if there is interest) and pick from a wide range of colors!

Here is a preview of the design:

You can order your T-shirt, Polo shirt only with the JIGG logo printed in the front the back side print "Japan International Gamers Guild Tokyo" (as in 1a ) can be omitted. Embroidered shirts are available only with the JIGG logo in the front (as in 1b).

The prices will be approximately:
2100 yen for a T-shirt
2600 yen for a Polo shirt
2800 yen for a Fancy polo shirt
3200 yen for a Hoodie

These are NOT the final prices!

The final prices will be determined by the number of T-shirts,Polo Shrt etc we will order and will be most probably cheaper than that.

You can pick from these exciting colors!  


Polo shirts

Fancy Polo shirts

Sizing charts

The deadline for placing an order is Friday April 20.

If you would like to get one (or more!) JIGG T-shirt you can either reply to this post, send me a message through meetup or send me a private message through BGG.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

JIGG Tokyo - Setagaya Game Day & MBoard Gaming Arena Competition - Apr 8th

Since seems to be having some problems with their server this week, I've decided to post up the information here.
Hi All,
If you are free on on Apr 8th, please come join us and play some fun board games in Okusawa.  Feel free to invite your friends also. Everyone is welcome.

Date & Time: Apr 8th, 9am-9pm
Arena Competition: 10am-7pm (just rock up and just join in whatever time you arrive)
Place: In Okusawa (email me for more details)
Fee: 300yen

This Game day will be a little different than everyone is used to. I'll also be running the 1st ever

It's as simple as: Play games to win a game!
Just play a game on the Arena list & log your points. This list will be kept secret until the day. The games will be fast, fun & easy to learn. Most will take under 30 minutes per game. So please come and support me in this new adventure!

1/2 the room with be setup for the Arena Competition & the other half will be free gaming space. So you can play your own games or go for broke in the Gaming Arena and see if you can win a HOT game.

The Winner of the Arena will get to choose a brand new Game from

Jungle Speed / Grimoire / Say anything / Word on the Street /Elder Sign / For Sale! / Innovation / Reverse Charades / Diplomacy /Blood Bowl : Team Manager (card game) / Red November / Acquire / 7 Wonders :Leaders expansion / Dixit 2 / Dixit 3
(If this is successful, I'll run more in the future. All prizes are bought by me.  The game will be ordered from the States, and be awarded to the winner the following month.)

Arena Competition:
10am-7pm (just rock up and just join in whatever time you arrive)

BYO bottled drinks, and lunch snacks etc. Remember to take all your left over snacks :) rubbish and drink bottles with you when you leave. Lol, as I can't carry them home.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hi All,

Thank you all for your help, and for all the awesome Logo Entries.
It was a tough choice for all of us I'm sure, as they all looked wonderful.

I asked all JIGG members from all regions to submit their votes, and allowed for 1 week for submission.  (and reminded them again and again :) )  From all the votes we received, we also received lots of great feedback and comments.

* We'll definitely include what JIGG stands for in English & Japanese on printed material with the logo.  (but wanted to the Logo to also be able to stand by itself.  In the future it might be as recognizable as the Nike/Adidas logo, or an Acronym as ATM, that you recognise straight away :) )

Without further ado (I know the suspense is intense....)
I'd like to announce our winner!!!

The winner!!! is DC
with his entry v04 : Meepling!

I'll be contacting DC via email about his wonderful win.

Thank you everyone.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

I'll try run another competition later on in the year :)

Monday, March 5, 2012



Thank you to all the entrants and judges for their hard work.  The Logos submitted were awesome.   It was a really tough choice for the judges to choose their top 5.

Out of 7 judges, here are the Judges Total Top 5 picks.
(Each judge voted on a ranking scale which had a score, the final points were tallied and the Top 5 is what you see here.  It was an extremely tough choice as all the entries were really good.)Top 1: Entry

Top 1: 6 v08 - Score: 15

Top 2: Entry 6 v04 - Score: 14

Top 3: Entry 1 - Score: 13

Top 4: Entry 4E - Score: 11

Top 5: Entry 8a - Score: 9

Now it's time for you to vote!

You can choose to agree with the judges top choice (if you do, please still vote for that Logo), or choose another one you like.  Here are somethings to think about before making your choice.  Remember:   this Logo is to be used on Meishi cards, flyers, T-shirts, other media. 

  • All JIGG gamers (incl. new members) may Vote.  (please vote :) )
  • You may only vote ONCE.
  • You may only vote for 1 logo.
  • Email your votes in before Friday, Mar 9th : midnight.  (Since not every JIGG member is on BGG, I'll be collecting the votes via email & BGG Geekmail)
  • Mail them to jiggtokyo (at mark)  and include your name & JIGG area (I will crosscheck the names to ensure there's no double voting)
                  Subject: JIGG Logo Top 5 Vote
                            e.g. I vote for Top 3!
                                   Bob Smith  (JIGG Tokyo & Kanagawa)

Some things maybe to think about when voting.  The logo you are choosing
- represents JIGG as a whole
- looks cool & modern & stands out (they all do!!)
- will look good on a flyer
- will look good on a Meishi
- will look good on a t-shirt

If you have any questions please mail jiggtokyo (at mark)

In case of a tie - the judges decision will be final
In case of bribes & petitioning - the judges decision will be final

Thursday, February 23, 2012


It's getting close, and the fantastic Logos keep coming in!
Thank you everyone for such an awesome job.  Seriously they are all amazing.

 The Voting Process Explained

Everyone might be interested in how the judging is going to work.

I'll be selecting a secret panel, who cannot enter the competition.

The panel will consist of JIGG members from around Japan (not in the competition). Please don't try to scope out the judges I want this to be as fair as possible. The judging team will also include our fantastic!! founding members & a secret .

3-4 founders
3 from Tokyo
3 from Kansai

The judges will Rank their top 5 choices.  Each rank has it's own points score. 
1. 5 points
2. 4 points
3. 3 points
4. 2 points
5. 1 point

We will collate that and the Top 5 choices out of that, will be put to a public Vote.  The reason being, is that I'd like everyone's input on the final logo, because you all have a voice and have helped make JIGG AMAZING. The public Vote will be announced later.  If there is a tie, we may see more than a Top 5.  So the prize may be delayed a little while we do the voting.  But have no fear, the winner will get a AWESOME BOX of games and see their Logo represent our great guild :)

Please check the entries on this blog to make sure that logo is the one you want in the entry.

Thanks guys for getting so involved.  I'm so glad to be part of JIGG :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Lots of great Logos are coming in, but don't leave it to the last minute, give the judges and everyone some time to admire your work :)
So come on everyone :) Get on your creative flair.

Since I don't want to duplicate games that someone already has, I'm working on a points system, that way the winner can get games he/she does not have.

The winner will have 10 points to spend on games under the following categories. Pending - on availability of these games when requested.
The contest will end on Feb 29th then the judges will choose the winner (which may take a week or 2 depending on when the final entries arrive). Then the winner will be announced and he/she can go points shopping, and it will take around 3 weeks or so to get the games in.  Look at all these HOT games!!

5 points
Galaxy Trucker
Risk Legacy
Ora et Labora

4 points
Dungeon Petz
Dungeon Quest
Nexus Ops
The Road to Canterbury
Space Maze

3 points
7 Wonders
Small World
BattleCON: War of Indines
Panic Station
Dominion: Hinterlands
Dungeon Run
Last Will
Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game
Mr. Jack in New York
Power Grid: The First Sparks
Through the Desert

2 points
Dixit 2 

1 point
Mr Jack Pocket
Zombie Dice
Timeline Inventions
Reverse Charades

I'll add more to the list when I find the games :)
If you want to request a game to be added to the list, please email jiggtokyo (at), and I'll check if I can get it. e.g. expansions etc

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Click here to Enter the Competition

      The entry submission deadline is now over.  Stay tuned for the Judge's pick.  The Top 5.

Each entrant has been giving an entry number as per below, and each of their Logos has been assigned a letter from a-z. 

Check out these great designs that have been coming up.

Entry # 1
This great design was put up by Luke Morris from JIGG Kansai to kick us off to a fantastic start!

Entry # 2
Another great entry, this one is from Brad Weier. 

Entry # 3a
Another new entry has come in from Yannis :)

Entry # 3b

Entry # 3c

Entry # 3d

Entry # 3e - similar design with a variation in font & color

Entry # 4a
Here are some other designs by Nico :)
Entry # 4b

  Entry # 4c
  Entry # 4d

  Entry # 4e

  Entry # 5a
Nice 3D Jigg Logos from Robert Price :)  

  Entry # 5b
  Entry # 5c
  Entry # 5d

  Entry # 5e - shadows
  Entry # 5f - no background
  Entry # 6 (v01-v08 and v10 and v11) 
~ For the judges: each one of these Logos in Entry 6 is a separate entry ~
Check out these fun meeple Logos from DC :)

Entry # 7a
More Logos :) Yah! These are from Nicole.

Entry # 7b

  Entry # 8a

From Todd :)  I call this the Honeycomb :)
  Entry # 8b
  Entry # 9
This one is from ATW :)

The entry submission deadline is now over.