Where to buy games locally

If you're looking to buy some games, here are some local stores.  These prices are usually a lot higher than back home because of the importing costs, but sometimes you'll find some gems, and often you'll find some rare games you can't buy back home because it's Out of Print.  But if you enjoy browsing game stores these are the ones to check out.

Yellow Submarine in Shinjuku & in Akihabara (open daily)
They sell English games and Japanese versions of the games

Sugorokuya in Koenji (closed Tues & Wed)
They sell German games and Japanese games

Drosselmeyers in Nakano (closed Wed & Thurs)
They sell German games and innovative games

Role&Roll Station in Akihabara and Yokohama (open daily)
they sell mainly RPG games, but also board games

Shosen Grande in Jimbocho (open daily)
They sell a lot of English board games, sometimes you can find rare ones here

A little further out
Banesto in Aichi
They sell English, German, and Japanese games

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  1. Thanks infromation about buying game.. Helpfull for me.