Saturday, December 13, 2014

Directions to the Sangenjaya Carrot Tower

Hi All,

Here are some directions to the Sangenjaya Carrot Tower.  What a unique name for a building.

Please note: We cannot eat in these rooms.  You can drink tea and water (make sure the drinks have a cap).  Plus we need to be a little quiet in these rooms as they are usually only for seminars.

When you get to Sangenjaya station, go out the Central exit gates.  Then walk straight, and about 30 steps later turn right at the last pathway.

You will see some signs on the wall leading to the Carrot Tower.

Then walk up the well lit pathway until you reach this huge open air atrium (half circle thingy)

Don't take the left fork, but take the right fork.  Follow the yellow brick road.

Walk through the automatic doors.

Keep going straight down this tiny alley way (it looks like a service alleyway, but if you go towards the end, there's an elevator)

You will see this at the elevator.  Take the elevator to the 5th floor, when you walk out the elevator, you'll see the rooms straight away.    

See you there :)

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