Monday, March 5, 2012



Thank you to all the entrants and judges for their hard work.  The Logos submitted were awesome.   It was a really tough choice for the judges to choose their top 5.

Out of 7 judges, here are the Judges Total Top 5 picks.
(Each judge voted on a ranking scale which had a score, the final points were tallied and the Top 5 is what you see here.  It was an extremely tough choice as all the entries were really good.)Top 1: Entry

Top 1: 6 v08 - Score: 15

Top 2: Entry 6 v04 - Score: 14

Top 3: Entry 1 - Score: 13

Top 4: Entry 4E - Score: 11

Top 5: Entry 8a - Score: 9

Now it's time for you to vote!

You can choose to agree with the judges top choice (if you do, please still vote for that Logo), or choose another one you like.  Here are somethings to think about before making your choice.  Remember:   this Logo is to be used on Meishi cards, flyers, T-shirts, other media. 

  • All JIGG gamers (incl. new members) may Vote.  (please vote :) )
  • You may only vote ONCE.
  • You may only vote for 1 logo.
  • Email your votes in before Friday, Mar 9th : midnight.  (Since not every JIGG member is on BGG, I'll be collecting the votes via email & BGG Geekmail)
  • Mail them to jiggtokyo (at mark)  and include your name & JIGG area (I will crosscheck the names to ensure there's no double voting)
                  Subject: JIGG Logo Top 5 Vote
                            e.g. I vote for Top 3!
                                   Bob Smith  (JIGG Tokyo & Kanagawa)

Some things maybe to think about when voting.  The logo you are choosing
- represents JIGG as a whole
- looks cool & modern & stands out (they all do!!)
- will look good on a flyer
- will look good on a Meishi
- will look good on a t-shirt

If you have any questions please mail jiggtokyo (at mark)

In case of a tie - the judges decision will be final
In case of bribes & petitioning - the judges decision will be final

1 comment:

  1. btw i was thinking maybe people could leave comments about the logos here too? i worked on the (current) top two, but don't consider them final.

    for example the "two by two" treatment doesn't have a slot for kansai/kantou etc. that can easily be added.

    some people may feel strongly that "Japan International Gamers Guild" should be part of the logo. Myself I think it should be part of the surrounding artwork (eg IBM don't put those long words in their logo...).

    can't hope to please everyone but constructive comments are always good. Just avoid adding two humps to it like a PTA-designed camel...