Monday, April 9, 2012

JIGG Tokyo T-shirts are here!!!

Step right up folks!!
Step right up!!
Come get your JIGG T-shirts!

In preparation for the exciting Tokyo Game Market event, we will be printing some JIGG Tokyo T-shirts for all of our devoted JIGG members! You will be able to get the JIGG Tokyo logo printed or embroidered on a T-shirt or Polo shirt (Hoodies ands Parkas are also possible if there is interest) and pick from a wide range of colors!

Here is a preview of the design:

You can order your T-shirt, Polo shirt only with the JIGG logo printed in the front the back side print "Japan International Gamers Guild Tokyo" (as in 1a ) can be omitted. Embroidered shirts are available only with the JIGG logo in the front (as in 1b).

The prices will be approximately:
2100 yen for a T-shirt
2600 yen for a Polo shirt
2800 yen for a Fancy polo shirt
3200 yen for a Hoodie

These are NOT the final prices!

The final prices will be determined by the number of T-shirts,Polo Shrt etc we will order and will be most probably cheaper than that.

You can pick from these exciting colors!  


Polo shirts

Fancy Polo shirts

Sizing charts

The deadline for placing an order is Friday April 20.

If you would like to get one (or more!) JIGG T-shirt you can either reply to this post, send me a message through meetup or send me a private message through BGG.


  1. I talked with the print office again and they said that in order to have the T-shirts by the Game Market, we need to place the order the latest by April 23. So I will have to make the deadline for getting your orders by then.

  2. Awesome! Looks fantastic!