Tuesday, April 3, 2012

JIGG Tokyo - Setagaya Game Day & MBoard Gaming Arena Competition - Apr 8th

Since boardgamegeek.com seems to be having some problems with their server this week, I've decided to post up the information here.
Hi All,
If you are free on on Apr 8th, please come join us and play some fun board games in Okusawa.  Feel free to invite your friends also. Everyone is welcome.

Date & Time: Apr 8th, 9am-9pm
Arena Competition: 10am-7pm (just rock up and just join in whatever time you arrive)
Place: In Okusawa (email me for more details)
Fee: 300yen

This Game day will be a little different than everyone is used to. I'll also be running the 1st ever

It's as simple as: Play games to win a game!
Just play a game on the Arena list & log your points. This list will be kept secret until the day. The games will be fast, fun & easy to learn. Most will take under 30 minutes per game. So please come and support me in this new adventure!

1/2 the room with be setup for the Arena Competition & the other half will be free gaming space. So you can play your own games or go for broke in the Gaming Arena and see if you can win a HOT game.

The Winner of the Arena will get to choose a brand new Game from

Jungle Speed / Grimoire / Say anything / Word on the Street /Elder Sign / For Sale! / Innovation / Reverse Charades / Diplomacy /Blood Bowl : Team Manager (card game) / Red November / Acquire / 7 Wonders :Leaders expansion / Dixit 2 / Dixit 3
(If this is successful, I'll run more in the future. All prizes are bought by me.  The game will be ordered from the States, and be awarded to the winner the following month.)

Arena Competition:
10am-7pm (just rock up and just join in whatever time you arrive)

BYO bottled drinks, and lunch snacks etc. Remember to take all your left over snacks :) rubbish and drink bottles with you when you leave. Lol, as I can't carry them home.

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