Monday, February 6, 2012

Let the Submissions begin!

To help keep our website current with the latest news and fun gaming information.  I would like to find out what everyone's favourite games are and if there's anything else fun that you wanted to share with everyone.  I'll be asking for submissions once a month :) It'll be a great way to share our favourite games with each other :)
If you would love to tell us a bit about your favourite games, please email jiggtokyo {at}  any of the following:

1. A hot game/favourite game : and a little blurb of why it's your favourite
2. Your top 5 games for 2011
3. Games that you want to get played
4. Anything else you want to submit? favourite podcasts? favourite gaming accessory? miniature painting techniques?
February's Deadline: February 20th

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