Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to JIGG Tokyo's new blog

Happy New Year everyone!
Welcome to our new blog for JIGG (Japan International Gamers Guild).  Here we can keep up to date with the latest JIGG news, hot games, and events.   For newcomers, we play a huge variety of fun and great board games, and I'm sure we'll have something suited to your tastes.  Please check out our About Page to find out more about our group.

Last year we saw JIGG Tokyo grow bigger in size, and it's still growing.  We went from once a month game day in Mejiro, to twice a month - Mejiro & Ayase.  The exciting news for 2012, is that we'll be trying to add on a 3rd game day in Setagaya.  2011, was a FANTASTIC year for new and republished board games.  A lot of our members bought a tonne of games, and there are more to come. 

We kicked off 2012 with a great gaming day at Castle Tintagel - Mejiro on Jan 15th, with about 18 members showing up.  Lots of fun was had by all.  Stay tuned for a Game Day Review.   I'll put up links here a bit later on :)

So invite your friends, come check us out.  New players are always welcome. 

Let's make 2012 a great year for making new friends, growing our group, having fun AND of course...
playing lots of great games!
Game on!


  1. looks like fun. Makes me wish I lived in Tokyo.

    1. Hopefully, you'll get more opportunities to come down and game with us :)
      Is there a bus ticket which allows you to buy 4 at a discounted price? :) I used to bus down from Yamanashi :)